Welcome to MV AISHA, a Maldivian cruiser!

Come to Maldives to enjoy the “bliss of solitude” or the pure blessings of a family holiday amidst pristine environs. Revel in a romantic honeymoon holiday or rejuvenate yourself at one of the exotic spas nestling among the island resorts. Relax your mind and revitalize your senses with a live-aboard cruising safari or adventure holiday, scuba diving or water skiing, snorkeling or fishing, surfing or sailing.

Diving Safari

Your Maldivian holiday would be incomplete without one of those exciting diving trips.

Maldives is a virtual paradise for divers worldwide as much as a Mecca for marine biologists out to explore the rich flora and fauna in the waters.

Some of the best known dive sites in the world, as also professional diving schools, are located among many Maldivian islands.

A diving trip will get you to see the magnificent coral gardens with their multi-hued fishes moving in the clear waters. With the average visibility ranging from 30 m to 60 m, turtles and sharks, rays and seaweed, and many more such marvels will effortlessly come into your view.

Surfing Safari

Over the last couple of years, surfing in the Maldives has been attracting many surfers from all over the world, mainly Australians.

While there are several surf points across the country, these two areas are largely visited and recognaized by surfers.

North and South Male Atoll, during South West Monsoon from may to November. May to August waves are quite strong and therefore lots of surfers visit during this period. If you expect some regular waves, than the best time to visit are February to April and Spetember to November.

The most famous breaks are in North Male’ atoll. These points offer rights and lefts for both beginners and professional surfers, with waves from 1 to 3 meters with long break points.

There are atolls, down South of Maldives with a dozen of high level reef breaks. Since these Atolls are quite far from International Airport, our customers take domestic flights to reach there. AISHA can cruise few days ahead and stays there to receive customers upon thir arrival.

The tides and the current play very important role in defining the surfing conditions in the Maldives. All the breaks occur near the tight channels of Atolls. At times current through these channels can become very strong. During the South-West monsoon, current go towards the external reef of atolls, creating the best conditions for surfing. The swelling lines are usually perfect and the weaves keep the same shape with all the tides.

Snorkeling Safari

Cruising can make you a connoisseur of nature’s beauty at its best and let you carry the sweetest of memories from Maldives that you will cherish all through your life.

The blue seas and beautiful lagoons, white sandy beaches, sand banks and verdant green, the rich flora and fauna, radiant reefs and ravishing sunsets, azure skies on the distant horizon with a bevy of seabirds skimming the cool air around, the pristine glory of the palm-fringed islands.

And as you dine on the deck with the starry sky above, the gentle waters lapping around, and a cool breeze wafting the island air, the cabin crew will help you with a fill of the choicest delicacies including the special barracuda and tuna, fresh fruits and salads.

Daily Excursions, US$80PP

Diving Trips, US$125/pp

Surfing Trips, US$90/pp